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6 Magic Words That Defuse Anxiety Attacks

When you feel an anxiety attack coming on — or maybe you’re in the midst of one right now — just remember these six magic words:


It’s counterintuitive to accept and welcome anxiety & panic. It’s natural to resist, to fight against them.

But when you fight against anxiety & panic, all you’re doing is making them worse.

When you say “I shouldn’t feel this way,” you are making your anxiety worse. When you panic about the fact that you are panicking… when you worry about the fact that you are worrying… when you are anxious about your anxiety… when you stress about feeling stressed… you are just adding more panic, worry, anxiety, and stress to your nervous system.

This resistance and struggling is what causes the downward spiral of anxiety. It’s what leads to the spinning-out-of-control of the anxiety attack.

It’s like being caught in an echo chamber of fear, with each worry amplifying the last.

But what if you just took a moment to pause? Take a breath? And tell yourself, “It’s OK. I’m human, and this is a natural part of being alive.” 🌿

Learning To Dance In The Rain 🌧️💃

Anxiety is like a stormy night sky, full of lightning and thunder. It’s intense, powerful, and sometimes even frightening. But it’s also a part of the natural cycle of life. Accepting it, rather than running from it, is the first step toward peace.

Meditation isn’t about escaping or suppressing these storms but learning to dance in the rain.

A Simple Guide to Finding Peace 🧘🏽‍♀️

Here’s a simple method to guide you to transcending and diffusing an anxiety attack:

  1. Find a Comfortable Spot: Sit down, close your eyes.
  2. Repeat the Mantra: “It’s ok to feel this way.”
  3. Embrace the Sensations: Feel them without judgment.
  4. Breathe: Just observe the breath, flowing in and out.
  5. Stay Present: If your mind wanders, gently bring it back.

Transforming Your Relationship With Anxiety ❤️

If you want to go deeper, and turn your relationship with anxiety into one of friendship rather than strife, I’ve put together a course just for you: Working With Your Anxiety (Instead Of Against It).

And because I know how deeply important this problem is for you to solve in your life, I’m giving you a 70% discount. Just use the code sixsimplewords70 at checkout!

I hope that these words, this insight, and the course will be your companions on a path to a more peaceful and loving life. 🌼

And always remember:


With sincere love & compassion,


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