Working With Your Anxiety (instead of against it)

Kevin Ellerton · June 25, 2023

Anxiety, especially constant or intense anxiety, can make your life feel like a nightmare.

All the things in life that could be enjoyable, turn into a thousand opportunities to feel tense in your body, queasy in your stomach, and unsettled in your mind.

When anxiety gets really bad, it can feel like your nerves are fraying, you can barely think straight, and you can hardly function at all. You may snap at people, get angry, yell, destroy relationships, or even hurt yourself or others.

But anxiety evolved for a reason! It’s not just some terrible thing that you need to deal with… it’s actually here to help you steer clear of problematic situations, improve your life over time, and keep your life in order.

Anxiety is a very powerful tool… if you know how to use it!

By befriending anxiety, we are able to feel good even when we are experiencing it.

By utilizing anxiety, we can harness it to change our lives for the better!

By transforming anxiety, we can turn it into the powerful (and useful) energies of excitement and elation.

And eventually, through all of these tools, we create a life that does not require so much anxiety, and the anxiety levels drop dramatically over time.

If you’d like to learn to work with your anxiety, rather than against it… to live a life of happiness that is immune to the ever-changing events in the external world, and the ever-changing chemical balance of your brain and nervous system… then this is the course for you!

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Kevin Ellerton

Kevin is an ever-changing flow of matter and energy that is often described as "human." From the perspective of those who perceive him as a discrete entity, Kevin has been traveling the world, teaching & writing about meditation since 2010. Kevin loves you and wants you to be happy. In his words, "we are all one consciousness," or some weird hippie crap like that.

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