best microphones for recording meditations

The 5 Best Microphones for Recording Online Meditations in 2024 🎙️

From capturing the softest whispers to eliminating background noise, a microphone can make or break your meditation recordings.

Creating beautiful, powerful, and moving online meditation experiences is about more than just words, music and ambiance; it’s also about ensuring that your voice comes through with clarity and serenity.

The right microphone can make the difference between an amateur recording and a clean, clear, professional meditation.

And so, without further ado, here are Meditation University’s top 5 microphones for recording online meditations in 2024 😃

Most Soothing Sounds: Blue Yeti X

Delivering sounds that soothe the soul, the Blue Yeti X is a favorite among modern meditation teachers. This microphone offers 24-bit audio that captures every nuance of your voice. Whether you are guiding your listeners through a pranayama breathwork exercise, a guided visualization, or a mindfulness session, the Blue Yeti X ensures that your voice sounds as soothing as your message.

The one downside with Blue Yeti microphones, in my experience, is that they are relatively easy to break. I like to record on-the-go, and when I throw the Yeti in my backpack with the cable plugged in, it can sometimes break the cable connector port. I’ve broken two Yeti microphones in exactly that way. This is a great mic if you record inside in a studio-type setup, but be careful with how you pack it if you’re recording outdoors or traveling a lot.

Best High-Quality Budget Option: Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

The Audio-Technica ATR2020USB+ is a great budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on sound quality. With its cardioid polar pattern, it picks up the sound coming directly in front of it, reducing ambient noise. Even if you’re on a budget, your meditations can still sound professional.

Best For A Studio Setup: Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B has earned its place as one of the most popular microphones for podcasters, and it’s easy to see why. Its flat, wide-range frequency response is perfect for both spoken word and singing. If you have diverse content that extends beyond just meditations, the Shure SM7B offers the versatility you need. Its air suspension shock isolation eliminates mechanical noise, offering your listeners a distraction-free meditation experience.

Best for Portability: Rode SmartLav+

If you love recording meditations outdoors or in serene locations, the Rode SmartLav+ is your go-to option. This lavalier microphone can be clipped onto your clothes and plugged directly into your smartphone. Despite its compact size, it offers broadcast-quality audio. Now, you can record your meditation sessions by the lake or under a tree without worrying about sacrificing sound quality.

Best For Wireless Freedom: PQRQP Wireless Mic

While it doesn’t capture “perfect studio quality” sound like some of the more expensive options above, I find myself using this inexpensive little microphone for most of my meditation recordings. Why? Because it’s quick and easy, and it captures “good enough” audio, with minimal background noise. I can toss it in my pocket or bag and head out into nature, and there are no wires to get tangled up. The receiver plugs right in to your smartphone or laptop via USB (there’s also a Lightning option here for older iPhones), and the tiny microphone simply clips onto your collar. It even comes with a second microphone in case you’re doing an interview, podcast, or if you want to record music along with your voice for the meditation!


When I’m recording outdoors, at the beach or in the forest, I almost always use the PQRQP lav mic. It’s just so easy to throw into a pocket and there’s no mess of tangled wires.

When I’m recording indoors, but not at my desk, I usually use the Rode SmartLav+.

When I’m recording indoors at my desk, and I have my little “studio” set up, I use the Yeti.

In the end, it comes down to how you plan to record. If you’re often recording on the go, using your smartphone or laptop, I recommend the PQRQP lav mic. If you always record in the same space, in your indoor studio, I’d recommend the Yeti, Audio-Technica, or Shure.

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Investing in a quality microphone can significantly improve the quality of your meditation recordings. Whether you prioritize soothing sounds, budget-friendly options, or ease-of-use, there’s a microphone out there that fits your needs.

And don’t forget the most important part of recording your meditations: enjoy the process 😃

May you be well 🙏

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