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Learn dozens of techniques, from mindfulness to meditation to breathwork and beyond!

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Make friends who help you stay on track and develop consistent daily meditation habits!

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Get certified to teach mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and other modalities!

Stacey Feehan, MTT-200

“To learn that there are so many ways to meditate and practice mindfulness… really opened my eyes.”

Vanessa Matthews, MTT-200

“This course is incredible. It helped me grow my confidence to move into the community.”

Tim Purkis, MTT-200

“If you’re thinking about becoming a meditation teacher, in my opinion, this is the program to go to.”

John Fuller, MTT-200

“You graduate with a really great tool belt of meditation skills.”

Sarah Wennogle, MTT-200

“Not only does this course provide information & history & techniques, it also gave me community…”

James Martin, MTT-200

“The insights… helped me grow my own practice, and gave me a lot of confidence to be able to [teach].”

Missy Lawson, MTT-200

“The many styles – trauma informed meditation, the breathwork classes, etc – they were all so helpful.”

Marco Faasse, MTT-200

“It changed my life. I have studied so many hrs with so much pleasure! I couldn’t wait to study again.”

Teach With Us

Teach meditation in your community... or here, with us, at Meditation University!

Dr. Jenelle Kim

Author, 5th generation herbologist, Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Punnu Singh Wasu

Powerful Kundalini Meditation Teacher at Yoga Barn in Bali.

Dr. Mansi Vira

Naturopathic doctor. Breathwork & pranayama specialist.

Prince Daniels Jr.

NFL survivor. Author of Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete.

Kevin Ellerton

Founder of Meditation Magazine & Meditation University.

Nhi Nhi Le

Popular insight timer teacher renowned for yoga nidra & mantras.

Brett Cotter

Trauma meditation specialist. Founder of stressisgone.com.

Isabelle Baker

Mindfulness teacher working with children & inner-city youth.

Forrest Neal

Meditation teacher, author, and entrepreneur. Career coach.

Ronn Pawo McLane

Spiritual director of Kansas City Buddhist Center. Marketing master.

Thara Natalie

Founder of FireShaper Tenafly yoga studio and Spirit Warrior Nation.

Mark Van Buren

Author of Your Life Is Meditation and Be Your Shitty Self.

Ashton August

Founder of YouAligned.com and YA Classes, author of A Year of Self Motivation for Women.

Accredited & Overseen By...

Our courses are internationally accredited and overseen by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance and The Meditation Organization.


Meditation can change your life for the better in a myriad of ways, from reducing stress, anxiety, burnout & depression, to increasing happiness, joy, creativity, and productivity. By enrolling in Meditation University, you’ll gain instant access to courses from dozens of the world’s top meditation teachers. Through a deep process of learning and practicing these meditation techniques, by yourself and with your peers at Meditation University, you can even gain enough knowledge, wisdom and experience to begin teaching meditation to others!

Our courses range from a few dollars (for short, asynchronous, personal-growth courses) to a few hundred dollars (for larger, certification-level courses), to a few thousand dollars (for massive, world-leading Meditation Teacher Training courses)… and everything in between. If you enroll in Meditation University for $9/mo, you get free access to ALL of our personal-growth courses, and 50% off on certification-level courses!

If you live a life of deep presence and compassion… if you resonate with our mission of making the world a happier place through meditation… if you are able to help others awaken through your own meditation teaching practice… then you can apply to join our staff of world-class meditation teachers as well! Graduates of our Meditation Teacher Training programs are given priority for teaching positions, but we feature other exceptional meditation teachers as well!

Meditation University is located at the intersection of Here & Now, Planet Earth, The Universe, 108111. As a fully online school, with students and teachers active at all hours of the day, you can join us in the present moment, from anywhere in the world!

Yes, our accreditations are international, and are not limited to a specific country.