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How To Approach This Course (ORIENTATION)


  1. I am really looking forward to learning all of these techniques, and building a practice that I can share with others. I am Very very grateful to have come across your offering! I am curious, the one on one sessions, will there be invites sent on these?

  2. Namastee Kevin! Thank you for creating this thorough course. I am so exciting to be enrolled in it. I just watched the introduction. In it you mentioned the importance of participating in the in person session. I am wondering how do I know when those in person sessions are? Is that the same thing or different from the circle session on Sundays? Thank you!

  3. Thank you! I am honored and grateful to be participating in this program. I am looking forward to learning, deepening my own practice, and to building the skills for teaching meditation.

  4. It is exciting for me begin this… to have the opportunity to connect and train in sync… You mentioned, in-person sessions… Could you remind me when the in-person sessions are?