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6 Breathwork Techniques: Energy, Balance & Calm

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Tips for guiding Ananda Mandala KEVINCOPY Copy

Below are Kevin’s tips for guiding Ananda Mandala:


Don’t start guiding Ananda Mandala until you’ve experienced its most intense effects. That means you should experience all of the following before guiding this meditation: tetany (chicken hands & muscles locking up), intense tingling, euphoria, lightheadedness, and strong emotions coming up. To have these experiences for yourself, you must practice intensely.


This meditation is best done in groups, having everyone sitting in a circle holding hands.


Prepare by having tissues available for people who need them.

Let people know that if their sinuses are not completely clear, they will likely need the tissues.

If people want to clear their sinuses (and use a lot of tissues) they can breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose. This will clear the sinuses quickly.

If the sinuses are completely blocked or the student doesn’t want to use tissues, they can breathe in and out through the mouth. Not recommended, unless the student really does not want to use tissues or the sinuses are completely blocked.

Otherwise, they can just breathe in and out through the nose. This is ideal, if the sinuses are clear.


Less is more. You can give an introduction to the breathwork, and help people “come down” afterward, discuss with them, and integrate their experiences… but don’t feel the need to do the 1-2-1-2 counting. Don’t feel the need to say anything at all during the actual breathwork. Don’t even feel the need to practice the breathwork alongside the students. Sometimes the best thing you can do (especially with a beginner or group of beginners) is sit with intense presence, keep an eye on the group, and hold space for them.

Here are two spotify links to play the 1-2 counting:

45min version (includes introduction)

20min version (just the counting)


It is good to laugh and cry during the breathwork so that others can feel that it’s ok for them to do so as well. Let students know that it’s OK to laugh, cry, or release their emotions in whatever way arises for them.

This is a great note to mention to the group once they reach the throat chakra.