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Prince Daniels Junior New

As we all well know there is not a secret formula or a degree that makes you a good or bad meditation instructor. What we do know for certain, is that it’s important to appreciate that guided meditation is both an art and a science that can only be perfected through experience, the more you practice it, the better you become. 

Knowing this, let me give you 5 tips which will help you in this journey. 

1. Practice, practice, practice. Immerse yourself in the practice. How can you use a title when you are not the epitome of it? The imposter syndrome will become imminent in your life, if you don’t practice. So in order to avoid that imposter syndrome, become a student of the practice as a student and find joy within it, and one day, you will become a teacher who enjoys the practice. 

2. Find a community or visit a monastery, before or while you are teaching and building a community of your own. Go and experience it for yourself, so you can possess the knowledge and have a story to tell. However, having a story to tell is not the focus. The focus is understanding as a teacher, your responsibility is to help others unfold, evolve and discover their InnerG within themselves. 

3. Integrity over business. Know that becoming a teacher begins as an opportunity, then it matures into a responsibility. So understand you’re not here to receive a paycheck, that comes when you become proficient in the practice. Remember your responsibility as a teacher is to help others unfold, evolve and discover their InnerG within themselves. Being aware of that one thing will make you aware of your integrity. 

4. Don’t be afraid to be (U)rself! When you become consistent in your practice you start to cultivate a surplus of energy and you have to be able to control it and know when to use it. Since energy is constantly in motion. You need to dance to move it around. When you dance, you are yourself. So don’t be afraid to dance and be U. 

5. Keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the meditation community, keep studying to stay up to date or ahead of the curve. 


Cooperative competition is the new longevity. Leave the nefarious attitude at the door. Working together gets you further. Your competition is not viewed as something against you or something you have to measure up to. There are so many people needing the proper guidance, so find other brands and (so-called competitors to collaborate with. Last thing, as a teacher you need to make time to manage your students as well as the business. You only have two physical arms. Get yourself a team/ tribe to help manage the business so that you can focus on what you do best.

Note: You should still observe, manage and be involved in the business. But don’t be totally involved, meaning trust that your team/tribe will be able to get the job done, that builds trust, relationships and dependency.

— Prince Daniels Junior