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Mindfulness Music, Songs 🎵, and more

Pre – 5th

  1. Mindfulness Music Playlist
  1. Hello My Friends
  1. Calm Down Boogie
  1. My Mind is a Clear Blue Sky
  1. May you Be Happy
  1. Planting a seed

5th – 12th Grade

  1. Mindcastle Music 
  1. Soundscapes

Quick Brain Break

  1. Calm & Peace
  1. I AM Affirmations

Selfcare for Teachers

  1. Mindfulness Meditation Basics
  1. Present Moment Meditation
  1. Meditation Music

Guided Children’s Meditation 

Below is a 5 day Childrens Guided Meditation for days in which teachers are unable to lead a their class in meditation. Great back up plan it needed. Mindful Moments for Children (5 Sessions)

Mindfulness Stories for Children

Happy: A Children’s Book of Mindfulness

Mindful Day Deborah Hopkinson

The Boy with Big Big Feelings By Britney Winn Lee

I Like Myself By Karen Beaumon

Ruby Finds a Worry By Tom Percival

Wild Mindfulness By Laura Larson