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Thank you so much for going through this journey with us! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this course.

You are now ready to go out in the world and teach meditation to others.

You are certified by The Meditation Organization (TMO), by The International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance (IMMA), by Kevin Ellerton, and by Meditation Magazine.

More importantly, you are armed with the knowledge, wisdom, presence, understanding, and experience that you need to make a real impact in peoples’ lives.

But please don’t take this to mean that you have reached the pinnacle of Meditation Teacher Perfection, and use that as an excuse to rest on your laurels instead of continuing to grow as a meditator, as a teacher, and as a human being.

There is a reason that gurus like Maharaji & Amma don’t even need to say anything, and yet they can bring millions of people into deep meditation. They are in such deep presence, pretty much 24/7, that they constantly radiate it to the people around them. And there are a million degrees in between… the great teachers of the world like Thich Nhat Hanh and Ram Dass, and even your friendly neighborhood shaman. Keep diving deeper and deeper, and you’ll find yourself shining with happiness, love, and presence. This is the path that will truly develop your career, and more importantly your LIFE, as a meditation teacher.

Please feel free to contact Kevin if you need help with anything.

Good luck on your journey.

May you be well!

Namaste 🙏