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Additional Resources & Notes KEVINCOPY

Hi all! Just a couple of quick notes here.

  1. After publishing the “hyper-oxygenating the blood” video, one of Wim Hof’s students told me that the main physiological effects seem to come from reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide), rather than increasing O2 (oxygen) in the bloodstream. The overall effect is to increase the alkalinity (reduce the acidity) of the blood. Apparently this hyper-alkalinity is the thing that is producing the powerful effects. Scientific research into these effects is ongoing.
  2. There are dozens of other forms of breathwork and pranayama that I have not covered in this module. Some are energizing (coffee breathing), some are relaxing (kava breathing), and some are balancing (water breathing). For more in-depth coverage of these styles, see Dr. Mansi Vira’s breathwork modules, later in this course.
  3. There is an extremely powerful pranayama meditation that is combined with chakra meditation, called Ananda Mandala. I’ve published an article about it here, and there’s a really powerful video from Sri Krishnaraj that is embedded in the article that can guide you through the meditation. I highly recommend this meditation – it gets very intense, and I have consistently experienced very powerful kundalini effects from it over the years.