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ARK outline

Kevin Ellerton April 21, 2022



A.R.K. is the foundation of our meditation practice. It is both the qualities of mind we are trying to cultivate, along with the actual “how-to” methods of practicing. A.R.K. is a simple way to remember why we meditate and reminds us how to correctly and effectively do so. 


  • Intentional paying attention (consciously bringing our awareness into the direct experience of the five senses)
  • Letting go of judgments, expectations, and storylines (experiencing things exactly as they are)
  • Having a sense of warmth (observing with care because we care – holding ourselves as we would hold a crying infant)
  • Becoming curious (beginner’s mind, don’t know mind, the willingness to look, feel and see with an open receptive mind – curiosity leads to insight and wisdom)
  • A willingness to be with our life and ourselves, just the way we are (suffering arises when we believe that something’s wrong, or something’s missing)


  • Softening into the moment, no matter what
  • Expanding our window of tolerance for the entirety of life (especially the uncomfortable and unpleasant parts)
  • Training our nervous systems to be comfortable with discomfort, impermanence, and uncertainty 
  • Removing ourselves from the fight, flight, or freeze response
  • Cultivating an embodied sense of ease and contentment (resting in a “profound okayness” with how things are)


  • Bringing an unconditional friendliness to whatever arises, both on and off the cushion
  • Committing to causing the least amount of harm and suffering through body, speech, and thought
  • Committing to compassionately reducing the suffering of those around us 
  • Living a life based on wisdom, compassion, and deeper values (even when it seems like no one else is)
  • Cultivating patience, gentleness , and humor